Nissan finance representatives are completely rude, inconsiderate, and do not listen. They found out my work number even though I did not tell them it or select for them to call me at any other number aside from my cell phone.

I have asked several times for them to not call me at work and they snap back saying they are completely entitiled to call whatever number they want.

They also will not work with you on payment arrangements, because they do not care about the customer or how to help them.

The attitudes and complete rudeness coming from these employees will shock you. They are the worst company I have ever done business with.

Review about: Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation Customer Care.

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I agree we didnt even know that we were behind because we have bill pay. Any way I never get a bill from them in the mail didnt hear from them til this month was missed for 6 months before they called me.

We tried to set up an arrangement with them but she would not have of it, said we will call you daily til you pay.

I said ok you can be put on ignore and I will keep my arrangement. :grin

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #619884

Very odd. I have been a Nissan customer for 6 years and they have never called me at any number.

I feel left out. Maybe I need to quit paying my bills so I get a little more attention.

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